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April 2016 Reader offer

Looking to spruce up your family home? When you’re renovating, it can often be easier and cheaper to do it yourself. You don’t have to go to a lot of trouble to get a fresh new look – sometimes a lick of paint is all that’s required. Of course, there’ll be a few instances where you’ll need the expert guidance of a plumber or electrician, but when it comes to aesthetics there’s a whole range of projects you can do yourself.

If you need inspiration, the Melbourne HIA Home Show is giving Money readers an exclusive discount of 50% off the price of tickets to the Melbourne Home Show, which will be held at the Exhibition Centre from Thursday, April 21, to Sunday, April 24.

At the expo you’ll hear from a team of experts, including Money editor Effie Zahos. Tickets will cost $22 each at the door, so get in quick to get them for $11. Whether you’re renovating on a budget or just looking for new ideas, the Melbourne HIA Home Show has it covered. If you’re renovating, the HIA has several tips to help save you money.

• Kitchen cabinets
Old cabinets can make a kitchen appear shabby. Instead of buying new ones, give them a once-over with a coat of paint. If you choose the right colour, it can revive your entire kitchen. Once that’s done, replace your old handles with more modern versions. If you take along one of your old handles when you go shopping, you might find new ones the same size, saving you from having to drill new holes.

• Insulation
Improving the temperature of your home can do wonders for your wellbeing, and save you money as well. You can install insulation sheets, which you should find at your local hardware store. Simply lay them in your roof space to help prevent the warm air from escaping in cool weather.

• Paint
A new coat can do wonders for a room. Perhaps you could include a feature wall such as a limewash or a rust effect. If you don’t like it, it’s easy to paint over.

• Taps
New bathroom or kitchen taps can be the little missing piece you need to refresh your space. The HIA suggests looking for sleek chrome and classic round shapes for a modern finish. Make sure you take your old ones with you while you’re looking to find a similar size.

• Tiles
These days you don’t need a tiler to do a small job. Kitchen or bathroom splashbacks can be really simple jobs, providing that the surface is flat and structurally sound. Pick your tiles and grab some adhesive, spacers, a cutter and grout. There are plenty of tiling instructions available online, with some helpful tutorials available on YouTube.

• Landscaping
A fresh outdoor landscape can really have an impact on your home’s overall look. If you’ve got any brick walls, think about scrubbing them down or having a go at cement rendering. Repaint any areas that need a fresh coat, and think about adding new garden beds or paved paths to make the area look more modern. The HIA also recommends checking your roof for any faded or cracked tiles.

• New appliances
It’s a bit of a splurge item, but often a new appliance will add some excitement to a space. What’s more, they’re usually more energy efficient, so you’ll hopefully save money on your bills. Look for crisp whites or stainless steel to make sure the new gadgets don’t date.

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