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Get paid to find people’s lost super

lost super job risky

The advertisement is enticing: work from home, or boost your income while working in your PJs at night and earn up to $85,000. It promises to change your life.

Daily my email box is filled with a raft of such offers, ranging from marketing to horse racing and share trading. This particular offer relates to locating other people’s “lost” super and getting paid for it.

Lost super is a huge and growing money pot. The official estimate is that there is over $18 billion of unclaimed super sitting in dormant accounts or with the tax office.

It remains unclaimed because the owners have lost track of their funds through frequent job moves. Some who are aware that their super has gone into a zero-interest or low-interest  rollover fund or has been handed to the tax office may regard the amount as too small to bother about, don’t know how to go about it or don’t have the time to find it.

Now a company called Cre8 is offering an online business program to people who want to work from home to reunite lost super with its owners.

It is claimed that the system enables recovery agents to find the lost money, deal with the government department in question, return the money to its owner and in return receive a fee from the happily reunited super member.

So far so good. A recovery expert who answered the “work from home” ad online soon was bombarded with phone calls asking her if she was interested in buying the system.

She said she was but when she wanted to know a bit more about how it works, she was met with evasive answers and emailed a wad of material about how wonderful the system is. She was also told that the program had been written up in Money, which it hadn’t.

If you want to go further you are asked to buy a “Recovery consulting programme” – a four-ring binder that is the backbone of the system, giving a step-by-step guide  to recovering unclaimed super and other lost money. It costs $4499 for a “Gold” program and $5997 for the “Platinum” version. Ouch.

My main reservation is how the home entrepreneur can locate people who have lost their super, as there appears to be no master list  generally available. A super fund member can log onto the tax office site or, for non-super funds, the ASIC site, but must set up an account, providing ID details; they will be given a transaction number for their funds. How one gets, say, 1000 such names  is not explained.

I contacted Cre8 to find out more and was given very evasive treatment. I was asked immediately if I was calling to buy a package. When I said no, I was seeking more information, I was told the person who could help was in a meeting, then, no, they were overseas, but someone would call me back. No one did. I called again and was told that the only person who could talk to me was busy but would call back. I’m still waiting.

From long experience, I have found that companies that have nothing to hide are happy to provide product information. I regard Cre8’s lack of engagement as avoiding media scrutiny. If you are going to spend up to $6000 for a training package you would want to know a bit more about what you get for your outlay, other than some glowing online testimonials from people who claim to have bought the system.

The tax office confirmed it does not have a publicly available listing of lost super but has a free and secure personalised service for individuals to keep track of their  accounts. You create a myGov account with a password that is designed for your sole use. There are stringent security checks to ensure that privacy of individual data is maintained.

A similar system applies to people seeking lost bank account balances and managed funds with the ASIC’s MoneySmart website.

Both searches are free. I also called a super industry expert and asked him if he had heard of an accessible list of members who had lost their super.He hadn’t.

CRE8 System for locating  lost super

• An online “business” that may allow you to earn some extra money from home.

• The promoters are evasive when it comes to the details.
• It’s not clear how you can identify the people who have lost super or other funds.

My call
• It may be that you have to ask your friends and acquaintances whether they have lost super, which you will aim to locate for them and in return they give you a cut of the found money. You would have to get their ID details and passwords to do that. But even then I don’t know how it would work. The main aim seems to be to sell a training program that may or may not be any good. I wouldn’t touch it.


Written by Anne Lampe

Anne Lampe

Anne Lampe has written for The Australian Financial Review and The Sydney Morning Herald, winning a Walkley award in 1991.

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  1. I have been working this type of business, not in super, I recover lost shares and bought the business system from cre8, it took 3 months to get set up properly and it does cost $5000, and has additional set up cost, which is a bit of money for some people, in my case it was what I wanted to do and its been working out well for me, it does take effort and focus to keep going and as a first time business owner keeping myself motivated was not so easy at first.

  2. This is a good business, My father bought this as a gift – My father say’s he already verified this business and it is legit. So far so good 🙂 I’ll keep you posted guys once I encountered any negative’s

  3. Cre8 and the team were very supportive, answering all my questions and giving me options when I was finding the business set up tough, I am very happy to have found them. I guarantee this is a legit business.

  4. I have been a student with Cre8 for 5 months and must recommend them, great team who are highly responsive to my needs even customising some training material to meet my special needs. Awesome organisation, and group of people.

  5. interesting as all the people who say its great and going well and have had good response from the company, none have a pic or reference to verify they are actually real.
    Come on one of you show me that you are real and contact me.

  6. A large part of a super fund’s service is finding and consolidating lost super for their members all for free. Super funds want to do this for their members, but the problem is the apathy of Australians. For many super is not really their money, when that is not the case.

    It’s interesting that someone who is engaged enough with their super that they are willing to pay for this type of service, doesn’t know their super fund will do all the work for them and for free…

  7. One word, “scam”. Great article for highlighting dodgy companies. When they are evasive and fail to call back with endless excuses, your best investment decision is move on.

  8. Hi Mark – I bought the package Oct 2015 and tried it out, found some of the info outdated and websites/links – very frustrating. Gave it a good couple of months, contacted CRE8 in June advising I did not want to start up the business or continue. I got charged a administration fee this December and still trying to get out of the contract. Do not recommend.

    • What can I do, I am 6 months in an aged pensioner and have got sucked in. I knew when I started reading the ring folder and then falling for the Skip Tracing printout for $200, that it was a raught. I can get all that info on Detective Desk. I cant afford to loose that money, even the website and I went for the overseas english speaking countries as well. Any advice will be good

  9. Two words: HUGE SCAM! I got suckered into it, lost thousands, they say they will give you a “money back” guarantee within 30 days, takes more than 30 days to set up a ABN and legal paperwork. Chock full of spelling mistakes and poor editing. If you want to sell your “business”, you must get their approval. What a joke. Stay away from this dodgy shifty crowd. Should be shut down.

    • I have done the same thing, suckered into spending $$$. I never found this website when I was looking because I was only looking at Create Australia and not Cre8. Also I started working with Dectective Desk, with some good results, but now they are apparantly not including refund consultants without a PI or similar Certificates to use their system.
      Now I feel really disheartened.

  10. I have bought this business program 6 years ago and have been working in it well making a decent income and staying home with my 4 kids- that was mu goal and so I’m happy. Plenty of people who are doing well out there but like anything you have people who succeed and people who fail. Alot of folk really shouldnt get into business, and so fail. Shame they need to blame the training program, thats just pathetic.

  11. I’m considering doing this program and it all seems legit. Is there anyone else that has recently joined the program who can give some insight to what it offers now in 2017. Thanks. G

  12. Cre8 Australia is dodgy. Just Google Cre8 Australia complaints and you will see a lot of people upset by Myriam. The “Training” is just an info pack that is out dated. The support is not there, very hard to get a reply that isn’t an auto responder. If you read the contract (Hidden at the bottom of the payment slip) you will be scared. Basically it is an illegal contract that would be thrown out of court if you had a lawyer that knows contract law. Unfortunately for some their lawyers didn’t pick up on that so court cost will be high when you want out of the contract.

    You can’t hire staff if you want a business in lost funds, as Myriam takes that as you training someone and will sue you. Has happened more than once. Your contract basically means you have to run everything by her first. You have to operate as a 1 man show. No training others, No staff, no databases. If you create a database that makes it easier to do your job, she will sue you so she can get it. Just Google her name, look at the court records (lots of public ones). Do your research on Myrium Borg and Cre8 Australia before doing anything.

    • Hi
      I have purchased the package and its not going anywhere, its exhausting finding people, I dont believe the staff help much at all. Myriam is evasive in her answers and as much as I enjoy searching, Im not really finding what I want, havent made any money and think I might be better of baking cakes and selling them.

  13. Cre8 Australia don’t really give you training. they sent out dated information and charged me a lot for it. Then there was no support. paid extra to get them to do the website. They never got the website completed when they said they would, then I find out everything was registered under their name so they own my website.
    They then tried to tell me I have to sign with UMA to get a license. There is no license requirement for this industry and the UMA is owned by maryam borg. Very dodgy.

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