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Tesla share price expected to fall: buy, hold or sell?

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Key statistics: NASDAQ: TSLA
Closing share price 22.05.18: $284.49
52-week high: $389.61
52-week low: $244.5901
Market cap: $US51bn
Most recent dividend: –
Annual dividend yield: –
PE Ratio: –
Recommendation: SELL

Elon Musk has impressively built from scratch a car marketing and manufacturing machine that in 2018 is expected to generate sales of between $US14 billion and $US26 billion.

The achievement is phenomenal.

More phenomenal is the company’s market capitalisation of $US55 billion, having produced only about 100,000 vehicles last year.

This compares with Ford with a market cap of $US44 billion and total global sales of 6.6 million units. Remember these companies are in the same industry.

In 2017 Tesla burned more than $US2 billion and is expected to spend more in 2018.

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But the company has a cash balance of just $US3 billion in cash. It has said that it won’t need to raise money to ramp up Model 3 production.

But in 2016 CEO Musk said Tesla wouldn’t need to raise capital and raised money twice in 2017 to the tune of about $US3 billion in mixed equity-debt offerings.

In 2018 the company is expected to lose between $US0.64 and $US12.58 per share.

We believe that Tesla’s bond investors who have been selling aggressively have the picture right and equity investors have yet to catch on.

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