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Support when you are made redundant


Q: My partner has suddenly been made redundant. We have never needed help from Centrelink before and are unsure whether we are entitled to anything now.

A: I’m sorry to learn of your partner’s recent redundancy. My key piece of advice to anyone who has been made redundant and is thinking about claiming income support is to contact the Department of Human Services immediately.

Redundancy payouts can delay the date from which you can start receiving income support. This is because the department is usually required to apply an income maintenance period to your claim, which means any redundancy payments you receive are treated as income for a period equal to the length of time the leave was paid.

This period applies from the date you receive your redundancy payment – not the date you claim – which is why you should speak to us as soon as possible.
Our financial information service officers can be contacted on 132 1300 to assist people to make informed decisions about their current and future financial needs. You can find further information at

Written by Hank Jongen

Hank Jongen

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