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Online meal delivery services: what’s on offer


When you’re working full-time, it can be difficult to find the time to plan meals, shop for groceries and prepare dinner.

Sometimes, it’s just easier to buy fast food. But thanks to the recent boom in online food delivery services, there is now a way to organise your dinner without sacrificing your time and waistband.

Google search ‘meal delivery services’ and you’ll be surprised at how many there are to choose from.

There are a few different types – some require you to cook the meal yourself, some meals are customisable and are delivered frozen, and some are tightly portion controlled to assist with fitness goals.

We’ve collected data on a few of the most popular services and compared each based on the average cost per serving, average meal size and average calories per meal.

Weight loss

If you’re looking to assist with weight loss, YouFoodz, Thr1ve, Dietlicious, Eat Fit Food and Muscle Meals would assist with portion control and calorie counting.

All meals in this group are pre-made so you don’t have to worry about cooking. Eat Fit Food was by far the most expensive service, as their plans include a variety of extras such as cold pressed juices and snacks.

The most brutal weight loss award goes to Muscle Meals Direct which contains a 200g meal plan over your choice of 12, 18 or 24 days. YouFoodz came in as the cheapest option, at $7 – $10 per serve.

While Weight Watchers’ WW Freshbox would also assist with weight loss, it would be best suited to those already on the Weight Watchers program. The nutritional information for each meal is graded by the franchise’s trademarked ‘Smart Points’, so unless you’re already with the program it might be a little confusing to track the health benefits.

Home cooking

If you’re all about cooking fresh food at home, we found four services that can help you with meal planning and shopping.

These plans allow you to cater for couples or families, and strictly supply you with the set amount of ingredients for the meal to prevent food wastage. Hello Fresh is the most well-known of the home cooking services – it came in as the service with the highest amount of calories per meal, suggesting generous portion sizes.

The biggest downside to the home cooking boxes is that you don’t get a lot of choice over what you’re eating. Vegetarians can usually choose non-meat based recipes, but those with food allergies and certain pet hates don’t have much flexibility.

Food subscription serviceReheat or cook from scratch?Average cost per serveAverage meal sizeAverage calories per mealPlan optionsDelivery
DietliciousReheat$8.75 – $11.75352g393 cal5 – 10 day plans, customisableFree pick up, $12 delivery
Eat Fit FoodReheat$18.25 – $29N/A350 cal5 – 20 day plans, customisableSydney and Melbourne only. Delivery costs included in plan.
Hello FreshCook$8.75 – $9.502 – 4 serves627 cal3 – 5 meals/week non-customisableDelivery is usually free; small fee applies for “premium delivery windows”
Marley SpoonCook$8.95 – $13.752 – 4 serves318 cal2 – 4 meals/week, choice of recipes, non-customisableFree weekly delivery
Muscle Meals DirectReheat$8.20 – $11.90Choice of 200g, 400g and 450g470 cal12-24 day plans, customisable$30, free pick-up
The Cook’s GrocerCook$9.30 – $162 – 4 serves400-700 cal2 – 4 meals/week, non-customisableFree
Thr1veReheat$11.80 – $12.10353g410 cal3 – 5 day plans, customisableFree for all plans $120 and over
WW Freshbox (Weight Watchers)Cook$6.95 – $10.702 – 4 servesN/A3 – 5 meals/week, choice of recipes, non-customisableFree
YouFoodzReheat$7 – $9.95288g348 cal5 – 7 day plans, customisableFree for all metro areas, excluding Perth
Source:  Providers websites. Listed alphabetically

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