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Make the most of tiny homes

Small spaces require a large dose of ingenuity to bring out their best but fortunately there are a lot of excellent solutions on the market.

For studios, a bed that disappears into the wall when you don’t need it is perfect. There are a lot of wall beds to choose from, so you won’t have trouble finding a style and price that suits.

For small bedrooms, a loft-style bed with desk underneath means you have a multi-purpose work and sleeping zone that takes up only the footprint of a bed.

An extension table allows you to still have a dinner party for six people but live with something far more compact from day to day. A nest of side tables similarly allows for expansive entertaining.

The kitchen is a place you can really adapt to small spaces and maximise storage. Choose overhead cabinetry right to the ceiling or otherwise lots of shelving. Compact appliances such as a single dishdrawer are made for small kitchens.

And, of course, choose 600mm width cooktops, not 900mm. If you’re OK with a single rather than double bowl for the sink, there’s another 300mm or more of bench space you’ll claw back. And a slimline pull-out pantry allows you to reach items right at the back.

The bathroom is hopefully big enough to store a Euro-style laundry: washing machine with overhead dryer, ideally built into a neat cupboard. And a sliding door means you don’t need swing space for a conventional one.

Keep your colour palette light: light blues, greens, light greys and neutrals are all popular.

And, finally, never underestimate the power of lighting and mirrors to visually enlarge a space. Floor lamps, table lamps, overhead lighting, dimmers … experiment with a combination that creates the best mood. And use mirrors to bounce around all that light!

Cherie Barber is the CEO of Renovating for Profit.

Written by Cherie Barber

Cherie Barber

Cherie Barber is a self-made millionaire and CEO of Renovating for Profit.

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