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How to stop paying full price for movie tickets

Who doesn’t love watching the latest movies on the big screen with a bucket of popcorn – or maybe a Choc Top is more your thing.

What you might not like is the cost. A regular adult movie ticket at Hoyts or Event Cinemas costs about $21.50 a session.

Or if you really want to splurge, a Lux or Gold Class ticket will set you back almost double that at $42 for an adult.

Then, of course, you add the snacks and drinks and before you know it you’ve spent a small fortune.

The good news is there are plenty of deals for discount tickets so there is really no reason to pay full price for a movie again. And no, it doesn’t mean you have to go to the movies only on Tuesdays – although that is one way to save.

You’ll only pay $13 for a standard adult ticket on Tuesdays at Hoyts or Event Cinemas in suburban Sydney, which is a saving of $8.50. Gold Class or Lux tickets are $27 on Tuesdays, saving you $15!

It may also be worth signing up for your favourite cinema rewards program. For example, with Event Cinemas Cinebuzz rewards you get a discount movie each week and if you see six movies you get one free.

And by booking online with Cinebuzz, you earn an extra 25 points towards your next movie ticket. Hoyts has two rewards options. Bronze is free and you’ll get a discount movie each week and candy bar promotions.

Pay $13pa for Silver membership, though, and you’ll get a free movie ticket on activation, 10% back in “Hoyts Dollars” on most purchases, a free extra scoop at Ben & Jerry’s when purchasing a scoop at selected cinemas, as well as a discount movie each week.

A new app that can help you score cheap movie tickets is Choovie. The idea behind the app is on-demand pricing so if a session is really popular tickets will cost more but if there are a lot of empty seats you could pick up a real bargain.

At the time of writing, for example, you could have picked up a ticket for as little as $7.25. At this stage participating cinemas are mostly smaller independents.

Also check out where you can buy discounted vouchers for the major cinemas. For example, you could buy a book of six adult tickets for $99 – a saving of $30.

Hoyts and Event Cinemas also have arrangements with various providers to give their customers substantial discounts on tickets. Here’s a round-up of what’s on offer.


AAMI Lucky Club members can get Gold Class tickets at Event Cinemas or Village for Just $20. The catch? It’s only available for sessions on Monday-Wednesday but excludes public holidays that fall on that day. You buy your tickets online through AAMI.

AGL customers can purchase vouchers to watch movies at Hoyts at reduced prices. You’ll pay $15.45 for an adult ticket, $11 for a child’s ticket and $31 for Lux. Check when purchasing tickets about any conditions that may apply.

Bupa members receive up to 25% off the box office price when they purchase their movie vouchers online. This offer is available at Hoyts, Event Cinemas, BCC, Greater Union and Village. You’ll pay $13.50 for an adult ticket, $11 for kids and $31 for Gold Class. Vouchers are valid for six months, with a minimum purchase of four tickets.

Community & Public Sector Union
CPSU members can buy tickets for $13.10 (adult) and $10.20 (kids) at Hoyts, Event Cinemas, BCC, Greater Union and Village. You need to call 1300 137 636 to order your tickets. Other unions offer similar deals including CEPU and SDA so it’s worth checking if you’re a member of a union if there are any discounts.

If you have NRMA membership you can buy an adult ticket to NSW and ACT Event Cinemas, BCC, Greater Union & GU Film House for just $13.50 while for kids or 60+ tickets are $11. You can purchase eVouchers online and they are valid for six months. You have to purchase a minimum of four adult or child/senior eVouchers per transaction with a maximum of 10.

Optus customers can save at Hoyts paying just $11.50 for adults, $9 for kids and $26 for LUX. You have to register for Optus perks and book your tickets online. There’s also an option to buy vouchers for certain independent cinemas from $11 for adults and $8.50 for kids.

RACV members can save up to 30%. Tickets for Hoyts and Village cinema tickets are available to buy online and in selected RACV shops, while tickets to Palace cinemas are available online only. Certain tickets require that at least four to be purchased. However there is no maximum for the number of tickets you can purchase. The movie tickets generally have a four- to eight-month expiry period.

RACQ members can also enjoy big savings. As with NRMA you can buy eVouchers online and they are valid for six months. A maximum of 20 tickets can be purchased per transaction and they can be used at any Queensland Event Cinemas and BCC. You’ll pay $12.50 for an adult and $10 for a child. A Gold Class “peak” ticket will cost $31.50 or you can buy an “off-peak” version for $26.50. Off peak tickets are valid any time on Sunday-Wednesday but only before 5pm on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. They can’t be used on public holidays.

Telstra customers get a discount at Event Cinemas. You’ll pay $12.50 for standard tickets, $15.50 for 3D or $16.50 for experience blockbusters in Vmax.

MONEY TIP: One Money staff member combines Bupa with Cinebuzz and effectively pays $81 for seven trips to the movies instead of $132 – a saving of $51.


AAMIEvent Cinemas & VillageNavNav$22Only available on Mon-Wed (but not on public holidays)
AGLHoyts & Palace Cinemas$6.05$4$8Check when purchasing
BupaHoyts, Event Cinemas, BCC, Greater Union and Village$8$5$11Can’t be used after 5pm Saturdays
CSPUEvent Cinemas, Grater Union, BCC, Village & Hoyts$8.40$5.80NavCan’t be used after 5pm Saturdays
NRMANSW & ACT Event Cinemas, BCC, Greater Union & GU Film House$8$5NavCan’t be used after 5pm Saturdays
Optus PerksHoyts$10$7$16Can’t be used after 5pm Saturdays
RACQQLD Event Cinemas or Birch Carroll & Coyle Cinemas$7*$4.50*$9.50*Off-peak tickets can’t be used after 5pm on Friday, Saturday or Sunday or anytime on public holidays.
TelstraEvent Cinemas$9NavNavCan’t be used after 5pm Saturdays, public holidays or for Bollywood movies.
Savings based on $21.50 for standard adult ticket, $16 for a child and $42 for Gold Class/Lux unless otherwise noted. You may pay a surcharge for 3D, Vmax, Extreme Screen or recliners cinemas. *Saving based on $19.50 for standard ticket, $14.50 for children and $41 for Gold Class.


Have we missed any deals? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Maria Bekiaris

Maria Bekiaris

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  1. Qantas Frequent Flyers offer movie vouchers for both Event and Hoyts Cinemas. Hoyts are $12/adult ticket, and Event is $15/adult ticket. When you purchase online through Frequent Flyers, you also earn more frequent flyer points. The only downside I’ve discovered is they have a relatively short expiry timeframe (4-6 months), and you must buy a minimum of 4.

    • Hi Jelena,

      We looked at the Qantas website but were unable to purchase tickets for any cinema in Sydney. You’ll have to let us know your secret!

      – Money team

      • Vouchers can be purchased from the Qantas store. The vouchers then need to be used to book the session on Hoyts website or exchanged for a ticket at the box office. There are various options available.

    • Hi Mel,

      The RACV offer is a percentage discount rather than a flat price, so the cost depends on the original price of the ticket which may vary between cinemas.

      – Money team

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