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‘Australia can’t afford to go backwards’

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Scott Morrison’s federal budget was all about taxing, spending and building.

While the treasurer’s plan was clear – to grow our economy, guarantee the essentials that we all rely on, reduce the cost-of-living pressures and ensure that the government lives within its means – it will by no means be simple to achieve.


The government says that there will be a $7.4 billion surplus by 2020-21. Is it being too optimistic?

Well, one thing is for sure: our economy can’t afford to go backwards if we are to hit this target, as the government is expecting a wage explosion to fill the hole.

Written by Effie Zahos

Effie Zahos

Editor Effie Zahos started out as a graduate trainee for one of Australia’s major banks. She moved to TV in 1997, kick-starting her career in finance journalism as head researcher for Channel Nine’s Money Show. A regular finance commentator on TV and radio, she is the author of The Great $20 Adventure.

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  1. Hello again Effie, just observing you on Today Extra and thought to write in …. when are we going to let the Federal Government off the hook about housing affordability and put the pressure and scrutiny where it belongs back at the feet of the STATE Government – we better sharpen our axes along with our tongues when their next budget comes out …. none of these commentators and interviewers have ANY idea what the problems are Effie and they ask all the wrong questions. We need someone like you (god forbid I get at them) doing the interviews to really spotlight the issues and ongoing maladies that they will just not address – let me at those fat cats, they’d be crawling away for a place to hide from me Effie – talk soon and BTW you look great!

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