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Best of the Best 2017

best of the best 2017 awards money magazine

If there was ever an issue that could help you make or save some serious coin, then this is it: the Best of the Best.

For the biggest savings it’s hard to go past home loans.

As Mitchell Watson, from Canstar, says, the average standard variable rate is more than 1% higher than the lowest.

Identifying standout asset classes is made all the more easy with our award-winning investment products.

If you’re not sure what you’re paying for your mobile phone plan, our Best-Value Mobile Phone – High Usage winner costs just $34.95 a month and comes with 8GB of data.effie zahos money magazine editor

As Watson says: “These awards are about highlighting the products that are leading the way in their space.

“These are the products that are going to help consumers get ahead, be it by having the cheapest home loan or the best-featured online broker to help you make informed investment decisions.”

The Best of the Best awards issue would not be possible without the help of seven research houses under the direction of Money deputy editor Maria Bekiaris.

“We’ve been doing this for 16 years and we pride ourselves on ensuring the methodology reflects our readers’ needs, the research houses are the best in the business and, most importantly, you end up with an issue that can help you build your perfect suite of financial products.”

With thousands of products from hundreds of different institutions, Money –  with the assistance of our research partners – has identified 105 gold-winning products.

Here is a taste of our results. For full coverage, grab a copy of the December/January edition of Money, out now.

-Effie Zahos, Editor

The categories



  • Best Feature-Packed Online Broker
  • Cheapest Non Advisory Phone Broker
  • Cheapest Online Broker

Business products

  • Cheapest Business Credit Card – Bank, Non-Bank
  • Cheapest Business Transaction Account – Bank, Non-Bank


  • Best-Value Family Car
  • Best-Value Green Car
  • Best-Value Premium Performance Car
  • Best-Value Small Car
  • Best-Value SUV

Cash accounts

  • Best DIY Super Savings Account – Bank, Non-Bank
  • Best Everyday Account – Bank, Non-Bank
  • Best Kids Savings Account – Bank, Non-Bank
  • Best Savings Account – Bank, Non-Bank
  • Best Savings Account Regular Deposits – Bank, Non-Bank
  • Best Term Deposit Long Term – Bank, Non-Bank
  • Best Term Deposit Short Term – Bank, Non-Bank

Credit cards

  • Best Frequent Flyer Credit Card – Domestic
  • Best Frequent Flyer Credit Card – International
  • Best Rewards Credit Card – Bank, Non-Bank
  • Best Transactor Credit Card – Bank, Non-Bank

Credit cards

  • Cheapest Balance Transfer Credit Card – Bank, Non-Bank
  • Cheapest Credit Card – Bank, Non-Bank


  • Best Australian Share ETF
  • Best ETF Provider
  • Best Income ETF
  • Best International Share ETF
  • Best Specialty ETF


  • Best Australian Fixed Interest Fund
  • Best Australian Share Fund
  • Best Fund Manager
  • Best Income Fund
  • Best International Share Fund
  • Best Mortgage Fund
  • Best Multisector Fund
  • Best Property Securities Fund
  • Best Small Companies Fund

Home loan

  • Best Reverse Mortgage
  • Cheapest Five-Year Fixed Investment Loan – Bank, Non-Bank
  • Cheapest Flexible Home Loan – Bank, Non-Bank
  • Cheapest Home Loan – Bank, Non-Bank
  • Cheapest Home Loan Package – Bank, Non-Bank
  • Cheapest Line Of Credit Loan – Bank, Non-Bank
  • Cheapest Three-Year Fixed Home Loan – Bank, Non-Bank


  • Best Innovative Banking Feature
  • Best Innovative Retirement Product


Invest Loan

  • Best Featured Margin Loan
  • Cheapest Margin Loan

Mobile plans

  • Best-Value Mobile Plan – Average Usage
  • Best-Value Mobile Plan – High Usage
  • Best-Value Mobile Plan – International Calls
  • Best-Value Prepaid Mobile Plan – Low Usage

Personal loans


  • Best Balanced Super Fund
  • Best Capital Stable Super Fund
  • Best Featured Pension Fund
  • Best Green Super Fund
  • Best Growth Super Fund
  • Best Pension Fund Manager
  • Best Super Fund Manager
  • Best Value Insurance in Super
  • Lowest-Cost Balanced Super Fund
  • Lowest-Cost Pension Fund

Please note: Print copies of the Best of the Best issue are no longer available. You can purchase a digital version online here.

Written by Effie Zahos

Effie Zahos

Effie Zahos is a finance editor, commentator and financial literacy campaigner with Bauer Media. She is the author of A Real Girl’s Guide to Money: From Converse to Louboutins, and a regular money commentator on TV and radio across Australia. In 1999, a background in banking Effie helped kickstart Money, which she edited until 2019. Effie holds a Bachelor's degree in economics.

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  1. I am always intrigued about these awards when they seem a year ahead of themselves. 2017 isn’t even here yet, but we have the best of 2017 awards. Really doesn’t make sense.

    • Hi Chris,

      Providers with 50% more than average TIO complaints per 10,000 subscribers a year were excluded. This applies to all broadband and mobile categories.

      – Money team

  2. Hi there. Is the ‘Best of the best 2017’ issue of Money Magazine still available to purchase in shops? If not, is there a way I can purchase a copy?

    • Hi Jillian,

      Unfortunately print copies of the Best of the Best issue are no longer available. You can purchase a digital version online here.

      – Money team

  3. Hi Folks,
    As a Money Magazine subscriber, how do I access back dated issues eg the DEC 2016 ISSUE with the Best of the Best awards.

  4. Hi,

    I was wondering if you can advise on whether or not I can get a ‘Best of the Best 2017’ that you published?

    Thanks for any assistance

    • Hi Gerry,

      Unfortunately print copies of the Best of the Best issue are no longer available. You can purchase a digital version online here.

      – Money team

  5. I have a serious issue with one of your awardees in another Money Magazine award program, Squaretrade. The issue is too long to discuss here so please give me proper contact into

    • Hi Kim,

      Unfortunately, print copies of the Best of the Best issue are no longer available. You can purchase a digital version online here.

      Don’t forget, the easiest way to avoid missing an issue is to subscribe!

      – Money team

  6. the car insurance policy I have with QBE beats Bingle quote I just compared my insurance policy from QBE is $320.44 with nil excess Bingle quote I just downloaded was $326.13 and the excess $795 and all the optional extras are the same on both when I did have a claim QBE authorised the repairs they were attended to immediately I do not like dealing with business that you cannot reach by phone

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